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Fuel My Performance Cooking Workshops

Bookings now open for 2019


Skills to help your athletes, students or employees fuel their own health and performance

Give your students, athletes, clients or employees the opportunity to develop their kitchen and cooking skills. The Fuel My Performance Cooking Workshops have been created and delivered by lead sport chef Sophie Hannon and performance nutritionist Sean Buxton.

Perfect for sports teams and academies

Fuel My Performance Cooking Workshops can be tailored for young athletes their parents and/or host-families, giving them the skills they need to fuel theirs (or their young athletes) health and performance. It doesn’t stop there. Following the workshop, attendees will be able to access the recipes and cooking/kitchen skills on their personal nutrition hub, allowing them to practice in the comfort of their own home until the next workshop.

For universities and other education providers

Integrate Fuel My Performance software and cooking workshops into your curriculum. We talk food, and so our goal is to get more and more practitioners into the kitchens, developing their own kitchen and cooking skills, creating awesome recipes, so that one day, they can pass these skills on to their parents, siblings, friends as well as their clients and athletes.