Fuel My Performance helps practitioners to connect with, manage and educate their clients via one professional nutrition software application

Nutrition software for practitioners

Recipes, meal planning, food logging and client management tools, combined into one professional software

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Recipes/meal planning

Access recipes created by trained chefs and nutritionists or create your own. Build and share meal plan templates.

Food logging/photos

Enable clients and athletes to complete food logs directly through the client app.

Client/group messaging

Securely message individuals or groups. Send and receive food photos and provide feedback when needed.

Client education

Upload and share infographics, videos and other resources with your clients.

Track client progress

Track metrics such as weight, skinfolds, limb circumferences or create new metrics.

Accept payments

Connect your account with Stripe and accept payments from new and existing clients securely.

Planner and appointments

Integrate your Fuel My Performance planner with your calendar (coming soon).


Build and share questionnaires

Create questionnaires and schedule for when your require your clients to complete.

Consultation Reports

Write and securely store your client consultation notes.


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Recipes to fuel health and performance

Over 150 recipes created by performance nutritionists and trained chefs. Or create and upload your own.

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Securely store and share infographics

Upload infographics, images, PDFs and link to YouTube videos.

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The feed

Post recipes, infographics and general updates to your clients feed. They will be prompted to view your post by an in-app notification. Track client engagement.

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Client management tools

Work with your clients on a one-to-one basis. Set nutrition targets, review food photos and food logs, build meal plans and track their progress.

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We maintain the highest level of data security and protection.


Automated daily back ups for your peace of mind.


Accessible from any device, anywhere at any time. iOS and Android app coming soon.

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