Fuel My Performance V1.0

At Fuel My Performance our mission is to make qualified nutrition support more accessible. As SENr registered performance nutritionists, we understand the challenges typically faced in nutrition. We’ve combined the technology and tools into one intuitive nutrition platform, helping nutritionists to connect with, manage and educate their clients and athletes more efficiently. Below we highlight some of the key features of Fuel My Performance V1.0:

Create your nutritionist profile on Fuel My Performance:

Join the database of performance nutritionists. Advertise your nutrition services and accept payment securely via our payment gateway, Stripe.

Recipes and meal planning:

Gain access to recipes created by professionally trained chefs and SENr registered performance nutritionists. Alternatively, create and analyse your own recipes and share with your clients, teams and athletes. Create meal plan templates and tag according to the type of day it’s suited for, for example match day, rest day or recovery day.

Content management and education programming:

Upload infographics and educational resources to your content management system. Share with your clients and athletes or automatically link resources to nutrition programmes.