What we do

Fuel My Performance® is a nutrition management software used by forward thinking nutrition businesses as well as professional sports teams/academies and organisations. We provide nutritionists with the technology and tools required to connect with, manage and educate their clients and athletes for improved health and performance outcomes.

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Our story

We have firsthand experience of the challenges faced in nutrition, both as former athletes and now as SENr registered nutritionists.

As a former athlete, Sean was determined to find ways to optimise his own health and performance. At the time, there was no easy access to a club nutritionist, but he recognised that when he fuelled well, he played well.

As a practitioner, Sean was forced to use multiple non-integrated software applications to educate and support his clients, teams athletes. This firsthand experience led to the development of Fuel My Performance®. In 2018 he and co-founder Rikki launched Fuel My Performance® V1.0 and later that year were backed by Loughborough University’s Business and Enterprise Hub. In 2019 we launched the iOS and Android app for clients and athletes.


At Fuel My Performance® we made it our mission to make evidence-based nutrition support more accessible to all.

Our team


Sean Buxton MSc BSc

Co-founder and CEO
Performance Nutritionist (SENr)
Associate Nutritionist (AfN)


Rikki Carrington MEng

Co-founder and CTO