All-in-one nutrition software for professionals and high performance teams

Enabling forward thinking professionals to connect with, manage and educate clients and athletes via one software application


Everything you need, combined into one central nutrition hub

Fuel My Performance is for forward thinking professionals who have traditionally been forced to use multiple, non-integrated platforms to work with their clients and athletes. No longer will you be required to use email, cloud document storage, instant messenger, nutrition analysis tools, spreadsheets and other softwares and apps to complete time consuming and repetitive tasks. Develop smart systems with Fuel My Performance.

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Software for nutrition businesses

For Nutritionists

An all-in-one nutrition software that enables practitioners to streamline their business and deliver higher quality support to their clients.

Nutrition software for teams and academies

For High Performance Teams

Develop smarter systems to manage and educate clients, athletes and parents across entire teams and organisations.

Nutrition software for universities

Find a Nutritionist

Connect with a nutrition professional on Fuel My Performance. Our database is regulated to ensure you connect with those qualified to deliver evidence-based nutrition support.

Used by professionals


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