Making nutrition support more accessible

Fuel My Performance makes it easy for nutritionists to connect with, manage and support their clients and athletes from one professional nutrition hub.

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The nutrition hub that connects nutritionists, clients and athletes

Remove the barriers to learning. As former athletes and now performance nutritionists (SENr, AfN), we recognise the importance of evidence informed nutrition support and the positive impact that it can have on health, recovery and performance.


Step 1. Create your nutritionist profile

Join the community of nutrition professionals. Create your profile page, share your nutrition philosophy, list your qualifications and accreditations, advertise and accept payment for your services.


Step 2. Give your clients and athletes access to their nutrition hub

Create, manage and monitor clients and athletes. Create meal plans, analyse food logs, view food photos, set nutrition targets. Write consultation notes and send questionnaires. Give them access to the tools they need to improve their dietary and lifestyle choices.

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Step 3. Share your knowledge

Upload and store infographics, presentations, spreadsheets, Youtube videos and other educational resources in one tidy place. Share with individual clients or entire groups. Schedule your resources to appear after key events.


Step 4. Create and share recipes and meal plans

Upload, analyse and share your recipes and meal plans with individual clients or entire groups. Gain access to our database of nearly 200 recipes built by nutritionists and trained chefs.

Get started or get in touch with a member of our support team

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The tools in the toolbox

We’ve combined the technology and tools you need into one nutrition hub. Now, you can connect with, educate and communicate with your clients and athletes, more efficiently than ever before.